Arekkz Gaming

Alex (Arekkz) is a popular Destiny YouTuber who creates content for his channel 7 days a week! He creates content for a variety of games but one of his main focuses is the game we all love, Destiny. Alex covers everything to do with Destiny be it weapon reviews, fun moments or quest guides he has you covered. Alex is also a fellow hunter main, he has been a hunter since day 1 and actually has 3 hunters! No warlocks or titans seen here!

Alex has been covering Destiny since the Alpha build back in 2014. He mainly creates informative videos on raid boss guides, weekly reset videos, how to get exotic weapons, xurs stock, weapon reviews and beginner guides for the kinderguardians out there.

His partner in crime is TwoSixNine who helps him with content for the channel and they also stream together regularly.

Alex has been featured in the Community Focus on where you can read more about his passion for video games and content creation.

WildeThang is the founder of Destiny Content Creators and is a YouTuber herself. Day 1 gunslinger and trip mine extraordinaire. Check out her channel at