Beverage Man

Maurizio (I’m The Beverage Man) is a very talented shotgunning, titan main PVP player in the Destiny universe. Watching the way he moves around the map with a shotgun shows true skill and gives shotgunners out there a good name. It is not just about charging in and spamming people with shotgun shells. You need to think about your movement a lot more and how you are going to get close enough to the enemy to kill them.

Bev is German but streams in English. He is always interactive with chat and welcomes everyone in. He is a very chill streamer and loves to help fellow Destiny players to the Lighthouse in Trials of Osiris on a regular basis. He has played with some big names in the past including TrueVanguard.

With one of the crispest Eyasluna shots ever seen, he rarely misses his target so WATCH OUT!

Bev is also an ex-military sniper, so you will see him pick up his favourite sniper when he fancies a change. DUCK!

WildeThang is the founder of Destiny Content Creators and is a YouTuber herself. Day 1 gunslinger and trip mine extraordinaire. Check out her channel at