One of the founding members of Primal, BossJoy is both an editor and a superb PvP player.

BossJoy first made his name in the Destiny community when he joined competitive clan Nemesis. Although he was recruited for his prowess in PvP, he soon gained reputation for his editorial skills. His Teamtage Trailer for the clan won him Movie of the Week from Bungie during the first year of Destiny, and was only the beginning of a long string of edits that continues to enthral the community

When Nemesis disbanded, BossJoy, along with nKuch and IFrostBolt, created Primal. The clan has since risen to impressive heights, becoming one of the top competitive Destiny clans in the game.

Incredibly, BossJoy never had any formal education for his editing. He is entirely self-taught. As well as being one of the top players in the game, his talent first earned him a significant YouTube following, and more recently a partnership with Twitch, where he streams regularly for his viewers and subscribers.



Games nerd, writing enthusiast, tiny blonde. A Twitch streamer and professional Twitter lurker, Laurapocalyptic prefers to keep her articles informal and personalised. She leads the Destiny clan Eta Carinae and mains a Titan - when she isn't suffering as Mercy in Overwatch comp...