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Ash (AR_McD) is a very talented illustrator who creates illustrations for the Destiny Community Podcast each week. She also […]


Meganyy is an incredibly talented singer and one of the most well known, respected and liked Destiny streamers […]


Holly (HLions) is an artist who creates amazing custom Destiny ghosts. She uses a 3D printer to create […]

Captain Twaz

Captain Twaz is the graphic designer to the big names in the community. You’ll see him working closely […]

Tyler R

Tyler is a concept and illustration artist who also enjoys logo work, painting and sketching. Tyler also has […]


Kanucs loves to draw and is a talented illustrator who is very passionate about creating original Destiny artwork. […]


Pherian is a digital artist who likes to create digital paintings of Destiny characters. Although Pherian features all […]


JoJo is a very positive and welcoming member of the Destiny community. JoJo was one of the first […]



AlisiaRoseART is an incredibly talented artist/illustrator who creates amazing Destiny artwork and also streams Destiny gameplay on Twitch. Whether […]


Gamer_Deimos is an incredibly talented artist/illustrator who creates amazing Destiny artwork and is also streams Destiny gameplay on […]

Lady Shaxx

Kimmeh a.k.a Lady Shaxx is a cosplay artist who cosplays characters from Destiny. She has been creating costumes […]

Kob One Art

Kelly (Kob One Art) is a very talented illustrator who is passionate about Destiny. Multimedia designer by day, […]


DaddyPhatSnaps is a Destiny rapper who creates lyrical master pieces based on weapon vs. weapon battles, to topics […]

Yung Khan

Yung Khan is an illustrator who loves creating Destiny artwork, including characters and ghosts. He also creates awesome […]


Jason a.k.a JHoward is a graphic designer for the Destiny community. He has worked on many projects for […]


Auraee.ii is a very talented graphic artist / illustrator who specialises in Destiny and other gaming related artwork.

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