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Guardian Radio is a fantastic source for Destiny news, tips and general chat. Join Turks, My Name Is Byf, BelleBunny, K-Dub and MesaSean every week as they discuss the ambitious shared world RPG shooter created by Bungie.

Guardian Radio talks about everything that is new from the Destiny universe. Breaking down new trailers/footage, reviewing Bungie streams in detail and discussing epic moments that have happened since the franchise launched back in February 2013.

With 200+ episodes to date, you have plenty to listen to, with more than enough passionate discussions to help stimulate your own thoughts and opinions on this ever-growing franchise.

Players from well known clans such as Peasant Guard, Dames of Destiny & Resolute, Guardian Radio have some of the best Destiny minds involved in every podcast each and every week.

Guardians! Embrace your Destiny!

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Sazio is a friendly and positive member of the Destiny community. Day 1 Titan, Team Moist raid member, SynCity ST (Twitch) streamer, chief writer for Destiny Content Creators, feature writer for Destiny Tracker and YouTuber. He is always happy to help anyone with anything to do with Destiny.