Hush aka BlameHush is a highly skilled PvP player and Destiny Youtuber who’s main focus is the crucible and PvP. He creates videos on weapon reviews, live commentaries and help guides. Hush is one of the very few Youtubers who can do live commentary, review a weapon and be hilarious all at the same time. It can be a tricky feat as you never know what you are going to face in the crucible.

Hush has an extensive range of videos on his channel, covering pretty much EVERY weapon in Destiny. Be it the latest meta weapons, raid weapons or weapons no one has seen in the crucible before. You’ll also see many montages showing off his best crucible clips.

Hush works hard all all his videos making sure to bring you quality or quantity every time he uploads to Youtube.

Hush is a proud member of the Primal Destiny clan.

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