JSniperton is a Destiny PVE/Raid sherpa and is the leader of the well known Turtle Squad clan. Sniperton is a very chill and laid-back partnered streamer on Twitch, being very patient with his viewers, followers and subscribers as he helps them get their requested raid clears each and every week. You will always see him playing the PvE side of Destiny as he says he is very competitive whilst playing PvP.

Sniperton doesn’t like to take things too seriously and is a always looking to have fun with his own stream community and the Destiny community over all. He prides himself on being cool, calm and collected when helping all guardians through the toughest PVE part of Destiny, the raids. No matter how much or how little experience you have in raids, Sniperton is more than happy to help.

His streaming brother and close friend is SyntaxSe7en who is also a raid sherpa in Destiny. Both JSniperton and SyntaxSe7en have grown their channels together to give back to the community as much as they possibly can.

JSniperton is also a part of the Sherpa Squad on Twitch – an excellent collection of sherpa streamers who help guardians across the Destiny universe on a daily basis.

Sazio is a friendly and positive member of the Destiny community. Day 1 Titan, Team Moist raid member, SynCity ST (Twitch) streamer, chief writer for Destiny Content Creators, feature writer for Destiny Tracker and YouTuber. He is always happy to help anyone with anything to do with Destiny.