Karnage92579 is a Destiny streamer on Twitch and one of the most helpful members of the Destiny community.

Creating a positive and relaxing vibe in his stream, Karnage is always happy to other guardians out with anything that is PVE. You are always more than welcomed to come in and hang out.

Whether it is a raid, a nightfall or even a strike or two… Karnage is ready to jump in, create chaos in the Destiny universe and reap the rewards with his teammates.

Karnage is also a part of SynCity ST – an excellent collection of Twitch streamers who help guardians across the Destiny universe on a daily basis.

Sazio is a friendly and positive member of the Destiny community. Day 1 Titan, Team Moist raid member, SynCity ST (Twitch) streamer, chief writer for Destiny Content Creators, feature writer for Destiny Tracker and YouTuber. He is always happy to help anyone with anything to do with Destiny.