KingGothalion is one of the biggest names in the Destiny community and streams daily on Twitch. Goth, along side Professor Broman (and many others) have help setup the biggest Destiny community meet up in the history of Destiny. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Goth started his streaming career playing Borderlands then quickly became addicted to Destiny and brought his community over to the Destiny directory. You will see him go back to his roots and also play different games when there is a quiet period in destiny content.

Gothalion has also setup and hosted multiple community events. The SRL tournament being one of them where we had the chance to watch some of our favourite streamers compete to be the king or queen of the track.

One of Goth’s many talents is beat boxing (video seen below) and you may witness this when he reaches certain milestones on Twitch.

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