LoriiPops is a fun loving Destiny partnered Twitch streamer who has a very bubbly, hyper, energetic personality who loves to interact with her community. I’ve been a follower of Lorii’s since she had under 500 followers on Twitch, now she has close to 100k (at time of writing)! I’ve witnessed her channel grow at an extremely crazy rate.

Although Lorii is now a variety streamer her home is Destiny. She has a very positive attitude towards gaming and you will always see her having fun whilst streaming. Lorii’s community is called the PopSquad which is full of equally passionate gamers. When Lorii starts up Destiny she welcomes her community to come along on her raiding adventures. You may also catch a glimpse of her playing some Trials of Osiris.

Lorii plays a variety of games on her channel, always coming back to Destiny now and again. She challenges herself by playing games on the hardest difficulty possible.

LoriiPops also has a little streaming sidekick who goes by the name of Pixel, her cute little cat, who likes to make appearances on the stream now and again.

WildeThang is the founder of Destiny Content Creators and is a YouTuber herself. Day 1 gunslinger and trip mine extraordinaire. Check out her channel at youtube.com/wildethanggaming