Mesa Sean. The Man, The Myth, The New Yorker.

Scripted videos are a myth on this YouTube channel. If you’re looking for a content creator who speaks for the more casual players, then Mesa Sean is your man. A Jack-of-all-Trades, he covers news, reviews, both PvP and PvE, weapon guides, resets and armsday updates, Xur… There’s very little he doesn’t cover!

Mesa Sean streams entirely on YouTube Gaming and pulls quite an audience. His bouncy attitude and welcoming atmosphere means there is always a crowd waiting for him to go live. Mesa Sean is also a co-host on the popular Destiny Podcast Guardian Radio.

With a channel 125,000 subscribers strong and with over 26 million views, it’s no surprise that Mesa Sean has been the subject of two Bungie Community Focuses – one for himself, and one for the community he has carefully built up on Facebook. The group, centred around sharing stories and co-op activities in the game, boasts nearly 50,000 members.

His raid carries in particular, streamed live most days, have been successful in carrying hundreds of people through the new Age of Triumph challenge modes.

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