RealKraftyy is one of the most well known and respected streamers on Twitch and unique personalities in the Destiny community. A chilled streamer with a great personality, Kraftyy loves to socialise with his viewers and make sure they’re always enjoying themselves whilst hanging out in his streams.

For someone that is very comfortable in PVE, Kraftyy is mainly known for his excellent PVP skills, possibly being the best sniper in our community. Trust me, his sniper skills are incredible.

Dedicating every single to weekend to Trials of Osiris, Kraftyy goes out of his ways to make sure he can take as many people as he possibly can to the ‘Lighthouse’ to get their desired rewards.

Kraftyy is a member of the well respected clan BSK (BombSquadKittens).

Sazio is a friendly and positive member of the Destiny community. Day 1 Titan, Team Moist raid member, SynCity ST (Twitch) streamer, chief writer for Destiny Content Creators, feature writer for Destiny Tracker and YouTuber. He is always happy to help anyone with anything to do with Destiny.