Say No To Rage

Say No To Rage is a PvE sherpa who streams on Twitch and lives up to his name. He is a very chill streamer, no matter the situation! He could be up against a tough team in the crucible or in a tight spot in the raid, Say No To Rage will always remain calm and collected. He is a very positive member of the Destiny community and hopes that his chill, no rage attitude will rub off on his viewers.

Say No To Rage likes to help guardians through the raid and promotes a positive place where players can get help with the PvE side of Destiny. Many players struggle to get a team together for the raids and Say likes to provide a friendly community to help with end game content.

When Say plays PvP it’s all about the Mayhem playlist. He would love to see Mayhem Rift added in the future.

WildeThang is the founder of Destiny Content Creators and is a YouTuber herself. Day 1 gunslinger and trip mine extraordinaire. Check out her channel at