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Auraee.ii is a very talented graphic artist / illustrator who specialises in Destiny and other gaming related artwork.


Paji is a graphic designer who works on branding for the Destiny community. Paji has worked on YouTube […]

Silent Walker

Silent Walker is a graphic designer who creates Destiny themed wallpapers. He gave himself the huge project of […]

Koyote Noir

Koyote Noir is a graphic artist who loves to create Destiny themed artwork. She is an aspiring concept […]

Patrick Garcia

Patrick Garcia is a talented graphic designer / illustrator who loves creating Destiny themed artwork. Patrick is a […]


Jason a.k.a JHoward is a graphic designer for the Destiny community. He has worked on many projects for […]

Mark Square

Mark Square is a graphic artist who loves to create funny and quirky Destiny artwork. You can tell […]

Captain Twaz

Captain Twaz is the graphic designer to the big names in the community. You’ll see him working closely […]

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