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Brandon (Hov76) is a Destiny streamer who enjoys playing PVP/Trials of Osiris with friends, clan-mates, friends and viewers. Playing […]


NavaBear is a Twitch streamer who enjoys playing PVP in Destiny. Whether it’s with friends or with members […]

Rezo DJ

DJ is a very chilled Twitch streamer who prides himself on being a positive member of the community. […]


TheManagator is a very skilled Trials sherpa and a partnered Twitch streamer. He also has a YouTube channel […]


Rezocast is a weekly Destiny community podcast created and hosted by Team Resolute, on of the most respected […]


WildeThang is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who provides in-depth quest guides, PvP weapon reviews and unique montages. […]

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