TeftyTeft is an extremely chilled, partnered Destiny Twitch Streamer who also rocks the best beard on Twitch! Whilst Destiny is Tefty’s main game you can catch him playing a variety of games on his channel. When playing Destiny Tefty plays everything from raids, strikes, Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. He is a skilled PvP player and loves to play Destiny with friends and the community.

Tefty prides himself on being a mature, relaxed and respectful streamer. He also has a voice that is like butter to the ears.

Tefty is also 1/5th of the Destiny Community Podcast crew. Working along side PopeBear, Ms5000Watts, Holtzmann and Briar Rabbit to bring the community weekly podcasts covering everything about Destiny and featuring special guests.

WildeThang is the founder of Destiny Content Creators and is a YouTuber herself. Day 1 gunslinger and trip mine extraordinaire. Check out her channel at youtube.com/wildethanggaming