TheLegendBlue is the Destiny community’s resident Punderlord.

Despite the abundance of terrible puns, Blue is one of the best sources for information on Destiny events, news, and images. Every time there’s a reveal of any kind, his posts will be the first to appear on your timeline.

He also has helped organise many charity events within the community, benefitting charities such as OperationSupplyDrop and Child’s Play. TheLegendBlue doesn’t stream, instead preferring to focus on game development, hoping to join the ranks at Bungie in the future.

This doesn’t mean he dislikes playing games, however. Blue has been playing Destiny right from the start, and has hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent shooting enemies of the Light. In his own words,

“I popped up in the Destiny community back during the Alpha and Beta days, but I really found my place during the Taken King launch. I really enjoy the Destiny community due to it’s passion, and the fact that Bungie gives the community such an amazing platform to express that passion with.”

Even with his proclivity for awful plays on words, Blue is a great community leader and friend to all Guardians.

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