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Taquin is one of those magnificent people you meet in life that is a hilarious combination of insanity and ingenuity. Apparently following the motto of “don’t take anything too seriously” in life, his videos are a mixture of incredibly detailed montages, information about Halo and Destiny, gameplay highlights, and a few creations of questionable levels of sanity that make me wonder whether there is blood in his veins or if he is actually fuelled by liquified memes and caffeine.

Jokes aside, the montages that can be found on TheReachWay’s youtube channel are arguably some of the best the community has to offer. Taquin’s unique style and stunning imagery has showcased the talents of some very well-known community figures, like kjhovey and RESOLUTE.

When not taking the internet by storm with his various montages and edits, Taquin enjoys “long walks along the beach” and dressing up as his alter ego, Jack Sparrow.

What his friends say:

“I once saw Tarquin fight a tree and lose… He’s also pretty good at Trials.” – MyNameIsByf

“Taquin is basically a walking meme.” – BarbaricHam

“Okey pushed Taquin.” – Dstny_Overwatch

“What a lovely young man! What is he wearing? I hope he is enjoying himself. What a nice forest that is. Lovely.” – Laura’s Gran



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