TrueVanguard is a very popular YouTuber and streamer who focuses on the PvP side of Destiny. He became well known for his crucible guides and tips. One of his most known series on YouTube is the ‘How to snipe’ series (episode 1 seen below) for people wanting to improve at sniping in Destiny.

TrueVanguard also streams on Twitch and helps people get to the Lighthouse in Trials of Osiris each week. Throughout the week you can see him playing scrims with highly skilled PvP players and playing 6’s with his followers and subs.

You can also see him play along side KJHovey and The Managator on Friday nights for Trials of Osiris.

TV is one of the most genuine and chilled streamers out there. He prides himself on being family friendly and not using bad language to get a laugh out of people. He proves that you can be funny without having to use crass words. A lot of streamers and YouTubers could learn a lot from watching TrueVanguards content.

TruVanguard is a well known and proud member of the Resolute clan.

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