One of the most well-known names in the Destiny PvP community, WishYouLuckk is the spearhead of a tight-knit community that spans across both Twitch and YouTube.

TX-based Wish is no stranger to FPS games. For over a decade he has been a frequent participant at MLG and NJ-Halo events for Halo 3. Nowadays he focuses mainly on Destiny, but dabbles in other FPS games on occasion.

With over 3 million channel views and a following more than 110,000 fans strong, Wish’s success on Twitch is very impressive. As well as offering a chilled atmosphere in the general PvP playlists, Wish also provides help with some of Destiny’s more difficult PvP modes – Trials of Osiris in particular. Certain supporters of his channel (and Patreon) can sign up for help with going to the Lighthouse, as well as a whole host of other perks.

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