xHOUNDISHx is a very popular YouTuber in the Destiny community who regularly uploads videos on all things Destiny. Videos on a daily basis covering news, info, gameplay, guides, tutorials, tips, tricks and so much more… Houndish has definitely got you more than covered.

Informative, entertaining videos with a vibrant atmosphere, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out the great content created by my fellow British guardian.

Highly recommend you press the subscribe button on YouTube if you want to keep up with the world of Destiny.

Sazio is a friendly and positive member of the Destiny community. Day 1 Titan, Team Moist raid member, SynCity ST (Twitch) streamer, chief writer for Destiny Content Creators, feature writer for Destiny Tracker and YouTuber. He is always happy to help anyone with anything to do with Destiny.